Wake Up

& Come Over to TrafiQ

Where you can sink your teeth into beautiful all butter pastries



Experience our exquisite



Our customers just love our soft gooey Schnecken buns, the fluffy walnut coffee cake, the almondy peach crumble and so many more temptations.








Have a slice of


Don’t leave here without eating cake! We serve:

Cakes by the slice – you will love our selection
6” round cakes (serves 12) available in our shop every day
10” round cakes (serves 24) Pre – Order required

What are you waiting for? We think you won’t find anything else like Trafiq Café & Bakery in our fantastic foodie city.




Trafiq is a place where people come together for nourishment, to connect and to unplug.
Sit down with a slice of cake to feel effervescent joy. Join us for really good vibes.

We’re open WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY 10 AM to 4 pm